July 2013

End of July 2013
We received Robin’s DNA identification and A-Nummer!

 Auszeichnungen.vk.pdf   DNA_Zertifikat.pdf


28 July 2013
Klubsieger Show (Ch. Specialty) German Dachshund Club, Kaunitz (Germany), Judge J. Svec (Czech Republic)

Xris v.d. Hermels Hoeve (G. Kwekkeboom & A.J. Oude Sogtoen)
Excellent 2 res. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH

Orpha’s Home Bregje

Abedar’s Toulouse

Abedar’s Vote For Mitzi

Xofie v.d. Hermels Hoeve (G. Kwekkeboom & A.J. Oude Sogtoen)
Excellent 2, res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH/J


27 July 2013
WUT Weltsieger Show te Kaunitz (Germany) Jugde: M. Sastre (Spain)

Xris v.d. Hermels Hoeve  (G. Kwekkeboom & A.J. Oude Sogtoen)
Excellent 2, res. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH/J

Orpha’s Home Bregje
Excellent 1, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH en res. Anw.Dt.Ch.DTK

Abedar’s Toulouse

Abedar’s Vote For Mitzi
Excellent 3

Xofie v.d. Hermels Hoeve  (G. Kwekkeboom & A.J. Oude Sogtoen)
Excellent 1,  Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH/J and the title WUT Weltjugendsieger 2013!


Xofie v.d. Hermels Hoeve
Xris v.d. Hermels Hoeve



14 July 2013
Zuchtschau DTK Gruppe Teufelsmoor, Achim (Germany)

Because Robin needs to pass the ‘Wesentest’ in order to get an A-Nummer in Germany, we travelled to Achim, in the north of Germany. We had a pleasant afternoon at the very welcoming DTK Gruppe Teufelsmoor. Robin passed, very self conscious and friendly tailwagging, his Wesentest and was also ‘eingemessen’. Now nothing stands in the way to apply the A-number.

Mitzi accompanied us to Achim and we entered her as well for the Zuchtschau. Much to our surprise she became Best In Show! A big thank you to the DTK Gruppe Teufelsmoor and judge Mrs. C. Preuss for the lovely afternoon and positive judgement on our dogs.



Abedar’s Vote For Mitzi

Ch. Abedar’s Robinson Crusoe



9 July 2013
Yvonne Kraft, a dachshund breeder from Germany, would like to have Robin as the father of her future litter. That is why we have started the procedure of applying  a so called ‘A-Nummer’ from the German Dachshund Club (DTK). Every foreign dachshund needs an A-Nummer before they are allowed to breed in Germany. As a first step, a blood sample was taken today for DNA identification.


5 July 2013
Pia (Abedar’s Sweet Pea) has been mated with Robin (Ch. Abedar’s Robinson Crusoe NJK’10, JW’10, CW’10)
With this mating we have repeated the combination from which Mitzi was born (Abedar’s Vote For Mitzi NJK’13)