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We are Herman Nijhuis (v.d. Hermels Hoeve) and Hilda ten Kate (Abedar’s). Our passion in life is living with, showing and breeding...dachshunds!

Already in my childhood my hart was stolen by two red smooth haired dachshunds. Every day, I came across this duo in “their” garden on my way to school.
During the sixties I learned to know the longhaired dachshund.When in 1972 I finally had the opportunity to own a dog, I chose a miniature longhaired dachshund:” Tessa van Huppels Schoolhuis”
Excited by the enthusiasm of my neighbours, who often successfully visited dog shows, I became a member of the Dutch Dachshund Club. These neighbours were the Mentink family, owner of World champion ‘Maico van Bermiens Home’. They also were the reason that Tessa and I attended our first dog show in Den Bosch in 1973. This was the beginning of many successful participations in dog shows.
At the end of 1973, Tessa gave birth to her first litter. She became the founding bitch of my kennel “van de Hermels Hoeve”. Since the late seventies I have been specializing in breeding miniature longhaired dachshunds in the colour black and tan.
A review of my longhair breeding can be found here.

In 2005 I received the golden pin of honour by the Dutch ‘Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch gebied’.
(This is the Dutch Kennel Club) I have been nominated for this pin by the Dutch Dachshund Club out of appreciation for, and acknowledgement of more than 25 years of dedication to the dachshund breed.

After my marriage to Hilda ten Kate, also a successful breeder of dachshunds, I focussed on breeding standard smooth haired dachshunds.  Founding bitch of all my standard smooths is the red female ‘Engels IQ’.

At present we no longer breed longhaired dachshunds but solely concentrate on the breeding of standard and miniature smooths.


I love animals in general and especially dachshunds. Ever since my childhood this love has been present. Growing up, my biggest wish had been working with dogs.
In February 1979 my wish came true. I started working full-time at the well-known dachshund kennel ‘’van de Hen’s Bergen’’, owned by Mrs. Henny van Breukelen in Voorthuizen. This kennel has a history that goes back to approximately 1920, and has had a major influence on the Dutch dachshund breeding for many years.
Mrs. van Breukelen has been my mentor in the breed. During this learning process the love and respect for the breed always was the centre of our attention. The contacts with other, experienced breeders at that time, such as Piet den Reijer (Kennel ‘van de Wijsterhoeve’) and Bertus Spaai (Kennel ‘van het Spaaiserhof’) were also important. They have contributed to the knowledge and experience I have nowadays.
Since 1980 I have been breeding smooth haired dachshunds, using my kennel name “Abedar’s”. Founding bitch of  my standard smooths is the unforgettable ‘Deuteria van de Hen’s Bergen’. For the miniature smooth haired dachshunds this is Ch. Grasshopper van de Hen’s Bergen’ W’92.In the review of the first 20 years "Abedar’s’’ breeding", you can see how it all began.

Until 1994 I have been working and living in Voorthuizen. After my marriage to Herman Nijhuis, of course also a breeder of dachshunds, it was time for a place of our own. We found this place in the region of Drenthe. Later, our son Bas also was born here.

In 2011 I received the golden pin of honour by the Dutch ‘Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch gebied’
(This is the Dutch Kennel Club). I have been nominated for this pin by the Dutch Dachshund Club out of appreciation for, and acknowledgement of 30 years of dedication to the dachshund breed.

Together we share our greatest hobby; living and exhibiting, but…… most of all enjoying our Dachshunds.
We both use our own kennel name when breeding a litter. Every now and then we have puppies from carefully planned combinations.
In breeding we strive after quality, not quantity.
Another big hobby of us is collecting old postcards and antiquarian books, of course with the topic Dachshund!

Enjoy watching our dogs!